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The beauty company
behind the beauty industry.

Let MEIYUME be your partner for innovative solutions and custom beauty products.

Our expertise

Excellence on every level

At MEIYUME, our customers trust us to understand their needs and offer a new kind of service level, because like you, we understand that beauty is more than just a business, it’s a passion.

What we offer:

What sets us apart

Connecting a global network of experience and expertise

At MEIYUME, we understand your challenges and aspirations and offer you the expertise of a diverse team of experienced industry professionals who believe in sharing knowledge and ideas. Let our expertise enrich your capabilities as we partner with you to provide the best solutions to even the most complex problems.

We know that primary packaging relates to secondary packaging, how to find the perfect ingredient, spark a chemistry, and bring your ideas to life…

It’s by connecting all of our expertise that we are able to make the impossible, possible.

Our vision

Beauty is universal

Like you, we understand beauty has no boundaries and customer expectations change from one culture to another. With our global footprint, we have developed a profound understanding of what beauty means around the world.

Your consumers are diverse and multicultural. Our global heritage and multidisciplinary approach ensures that we can respond to the most targeted consumer needs with excellence and precision.

Our Mission

Creating Beauty with Ideas

We want to help drive your business forward. To remain at the forefront of the beauty industry, we focus on innovation across our product categories supported by our worldwide Idea Labs.

Our promise

Custom beauty solutions

MEIYUME understands that every customer and project is unique so we work closely with you to develop a partnership and offer tailor-made solutions.

With experts across all areas of the business, offices around the globe, and a thoughtfulness that comes through in each project, we can help you lead the way in made-to measure beauty.

Our commitment

beauty inside out

MEIYUME is committed to building a sustainable business for our stakeholders including our customers, consumers, suppliers, employees and communities.

We actively promote our philosophy of ethics at every level of the supply chain. You can rely on us to ensure accountability at every level through transparency, engagement, oversight and management.

We are committed to:

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