Our Approach

Idea Lab

Pushing business forward through Ideas.

To remain at the forefront of the beauty industry, we developed Idea Labs,
creative spaces and studios that offer insight into consumer trends, new ingredients
and the latest technologies.

Idea Lab

Idea Lab helps our customers to develop innovative strategies that will drive their business forward. With plans to open one in every major city where we are located, these unique laboratories can serve as a meeting place for co-workers and partners to come together and brainstorm ideas, share their vision, and connect the dots to create the ideal product and concept for their business.

Idea Lab offers critical market intelligence across product categories including marketing & branding, product development, regulatory affairs and compliance codes, consumer demands and market trends.

Creative Services

With plans to open an Idea Lab in every office, our customers have global access to:

  • An in-house design studio featuring trend forecasting books and materials library.
  • The expertise of over 100 industry professionals to support creative initiatives from fashion to graphics to branding.
  • Dedicated spaces to work and research.
  • 3D printing and prototyping lab.
  • Cut and sew sample room.

and production expertise

Integrated manufacturing and efficient
supply chain networks.

Our integrated solutions...

With over 250 suppliers and partners, MEIYUME leads the way in efficient and responsible manufacturing solutions. Our network of engineers, chemists, and production managers serve as the key link between the product’s initial concept and its worldwide distribution.

They work together with the project managers in product development, marketing and logistics, ensuring a fluid and streamlined supply chain system.

...In the service of quality

We develop and manufacture the best quality products that stay true to the client’s vision, while keeping price points on target and the project on schedule.

Through consistent research and innovation, the multi-channel process behind sourcing, formulating, engineering, prototyping and filling is regularly updated and improved to maintain the highest standards and quality assurance.

Social responsibility
and sustainability

Investing today for a better tomorrow.

Aligned with Li & Fung strategy and actions, MEIYUME promotes cleaner technologies, safer workplaces, and sustainable practices that are proven to bring a higher return
of market success and satisfaction.

With a long-term vision for our company and our customers, MEIYUME is investing
in a better future by taking action today following four pillars.

1 - Supply chain sustainability

Supply chain sustainability means managing risk and compliance, collaborating with our industry partners and sourcing responsibly to bring benefit to workers and our communities.

All our suppliers and partners follow our code of conduct based on local, national laws & regulations, the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) core conventions, and internationally recognized occupational health, safety, and environmental standards.

Leed platinum

2 - People

Our people are at the center of all that we do. We are committed to their wellbeing and career development.

Connecting, Appreciating, Responding to and Encouraging our people – what we know as ‘C.A.R.E’ – is a core engagement initiative at Li & Fung. It drives our efforts to provide a working environment that is entrepreneurial, engages employees and fosters a long-term commitment to the company.

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3 - Community

MEIYUME believes in a culture of shared responsibility and giving back to our communities.

We invest in the potential of people, help communities in need and mobilize to affect change in each of our locations around the world.

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4 - Environmental footprint

We responsibly manage our operations to reduce our environmental impact and raise awareness to affect change.

We believe in accountability and transparency at every level.

We are dedicated to developing sustainable design and manufacturing practices.

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Serving Every Market

Beauty has no boundaries.

The success of our services comes from a comprehensive understanding of market needs and cultural values.
MEIYUME is a multinational company with a growing presence in major cities around the world.

We understand the importance of representing local needs to address consumer demands in an evolving marketplace, while at the same time having the tools and infrastructure to translate any project into a global venture.

Our beliefs

We believe in made-to-measure solutions for all of our customers so that each project perfectly fits each of their needs. With our multicultural heritage and our international team of beauty specialists working across fields, MEIYUME provides customers with a diversity of expertise and insight that is at the very top of the industry.

We make a priority of understanding what beauty means around the world. With an engaged community presence and innovative initiatives like our Idea Lab, MEIYUME takes pride in being a global industry leader and bringing excellence every step of the way.